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Nothing brings a book to life like hearing it read by the person who wrote it.

But Torn from Troy isn't just a book. It's a retelling of one of classic adventure stories of western literature. Homer's Odyssey was chanted around campfires for hundreds of years before it was ever written down, and people have been reading it for over twenty-five hundred years since.

If your school is anywhere in the Toronto area, I'd love to make Torn from Troy come alive for your class and kindle your interest in Homer's Odyssey at the same time. In addition to author visits, I provide two workshops, on Greek mythology and creative writing. These seminars can be tailored to suit your needs.

Author visits are an hour long and are available for grades four through twelve. Workshops are two hours long and can be tailored to any grade from six to twelve.

If you'd like to arrange a visit, please contact me.