Patrick Bowman, Author

Torn from Troy Cursed by the Sea God Arrow through the Axes

"This was going to be very close. If the raiders reacted too fast, they would hit us, and the navigator was right about one thing: at that speed, their ship would slice us in half."

In this conclusion to the "Odyssey of a Slave" trilogy, Alexi, the Trojan must infiltrate the strongholds of ancient Greece in search of his sister. Travelling through the Greek lands with the tormented son of King Agamemnon, Alexi must face a terrible truth about the war that destroyed Troy. As he finally reaches Ithaca, the home of Odysseus, Alexi must decide where his allegiance truly lies if he is to vanquish his own demons.

Arrow through the Axes is an exciting adventure cast within the greatest of all adventures, the Odyssey. Once again we experience the stories of Homer's glorious and gritty classic tale, but this time, not through Greek eyes but those of a Trojan. Bravo!”

— Philip Roy, author of Submarine Outlaw
Cover design: Branko Bistrovic
Cover design: Jake Collinge
Cover design: Jake Collinge